Monday, May 23, 2011

Tallitot and Kippot

 A Custom Silk Tallit. The alef and tav are hand-brocaded on the loom (similar to hand-embroidering), all the silk is hand-painted, and there are also some surface designs features which are secret to the owner as well as other special sentiments incorporated in the weaving itself.  This is a very large, enveloping tallit.


Classic style men's tallitot woven of fine wool and synthetic 'gold', silver, copper etc. This is the kind of tallit I have been weaving since 1977. As with all Beit Yosef Hebraic designs, each one is unique, custom-designed to the wearer's choices of size, striping, and colors, and is woven in accordance with Torah halacha.


Fancy begedim for men, woven in a complex weave structure. The fiber is silk; the reddish one is hand-dyed with lac, a dye of antiquity, and the blue one is dyed with procion dyes. Each beged has a handwoven neckband and a handwoven sash, features which are unique to my begedim. While these features add a substantial amount of time and work,  they make for superior quality garments, as well as conforming more closely to the Scriptural description and archaeological depictions.

This one is woven of fine wool and synthetic 'gold'. The second picture shows it being woven on the loom.

Handwoven, custom-designed Bukharan kippot. woven in any of the natural fibers, observing Torah law prohibiting shatnitz (as with all our textiles). Myriads of designs are possible, and any color. Lined in handwoven fabric, and mostly hand-stitched as well as handwoven..

Ladies' Hebraic Garments

 Silk scarves- headcoverings for ladies during prayer:

 'Mini-tallits', worn by women while teaching; some have also used these atarot (atarahs). Silk, hand-painted warps except for the 2nd one below.

Women's tallitot; the first is textural cotton and the 2nd is silk, all hand-dyed; the patterns in both of these are designed to symbolize the wearer's family members in 'code', to personalize the tallit. 

Ladies tallit and tunic for worshipful dancing. The lady who has this teaches Hebraic or Davidic dancing and is a dancing-group leader. All silk, hand-dyed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Brocaded silk challah covers

These are 3 of an ongoing series of silk challah covers. The Hebrew word for 'Shabbat' is hand-brocaded, the equivalent of hand-embroidering on the loom, and some of them are also hand-painted on the loom with quality fabric dyes. The 'gold' is a synthetic. As with all Beit Yosef textiles , these are woven entirely according to Biblical halacha. I also weave challah covers of linen and of cotton, in constantly changing design variations. Because each person is unique in the eyes of The Most High, each piece from the looms here is designed to be unique- no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

 Custom colors may be requested.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Warp-painted silk Torah bookmarks

Here are three warp-painted silk bookmarks out of a recently completed series of handwoven bookmarks. These are made from bombyx silk, a high quality smooth, shiny silk, which takes dyes and warp painting beautifully. Each bookmark is a unique design, both in the painting of the warp and the gold designs created specially for each one.