Monday, May 16, 2011

Warp-painted silk Torah bookmarks

Here are three warp-painted silk bookmarks out of a recently completed series of handwoven bookmarks. These are made from bombyx silk, a high quality smooth, shiny silk, which takes dyes and warp painting beautifully. Each bookmark is a unique design, both in the painting of the warp and the gold designs created specially for each one.


  1. What exquisite work!
    Everything is so beautiful! You can feel the anointing that must have gone into the makings of each piece.
    Batya Wootten

  2. Are your bookmarks really lovely, are they available for sale? rivka

  3. All my work is available, mostly by custom order. I can be reached at Many thanks!

  4. Are you still in business? How much do these beautiful bookmarks cost?