Monday, May 23, 2011

Ladies' Hebraic Garments

 Silk scarves- headcoverings for ladies during prayer:

 'Mini-tallits', worn by women while teaching; some have also used these atarot (atarahs). Silk, hand-painted warps except for the 2nd one below.

Women's tallitot; the first is textural cotton and the 2nd is silk, all hand-dyed; the patterns in both of these are designed to symbolize the wearer's family members in 'code', to personalize the tallit. 

Ladies tallit and tunic for worshipful dancing. The lady who has this teaches Hebraic or Davidic dancing and is a dancing-group leader. All silk, hand-dyed.


  1. These are wonderful designs!

    Jasper @ Best Kippah

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